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For Sale: The TC Group

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TC Group

There’s a new public message coming in over the Tannoy: The TC Group is for sale.

With operations spanning 4 continents, TC Group produces consumer and professional sound products under well-known audio brand companies which include Tannoy, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Lab.gruppen, Lake, TC Applied Technologies and White Acoustics.

The TC Group has publicly announced it is for sale, with CEO Anders Fauerskov telling Pro Audio Asia the group probably would be sold in its entirety by Spring 2015.

Fauerskov reportedly said the Group is “open to a sale both to an industrial buyer as well as equity firms,” which tells you something about the companies they are talking to. The company would have no motive to announce this decision publicly unless there were multiple parties interested…

The news follows the 2013 rebranding of TC Group. “The timing is based on shareholders’ interest, combined with an analysis of business prospects, showing that the potential for TC Group is much larger than what can be achieved under the current ownership,” said the CEO.

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