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Daktronics for Largest Video Display in Spain

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El Corté Ingles

The largest video display in Spain – and one of the largest video displays in all of Europe – measures 194 square meters and wraps around the El Corté Ingles building façade at their Callao location in Madrid. Now a second display, measuring 137 square meters, is installed in Mágala.

The installation at Callao measures 18.29 meters high by 10.61 meters wide and features SMD (Surface-Mount Device) technology at a 10 millimeter line spacing. The display includes a seamless angle that provides impressive viewing angles as it shows vibrant images with excellent contrast.

The Mágala installation measures 9.88 meters high by 13.9 meters wide and features a 13HD pixel layout, prime technology for cutting through direct sunlight.

With this new system, El Corté Ingles will project their distinctive image and provide a new experience to their customers. Much of the information shown on the display will include fashion and beauty trends, home décor, electronics, food, tourism and more.

A total of 25.5 million people annually pass through the Madrid square where the Daktronics display is located giving it a great amount of reach and impact as it can be seen from more than 100 meters away.

Both displays incorporate industry-leading environmental protection for longer lifetimes in outdoor environments. The variable content zoning capabilities of each display allow them to highlight one piece of content across the entire display or to organize the display into different sections to show multiple pieces of content at the same time.

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