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Planar Unveils Transparent OLED Technology

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Planar  55”

Planar Systems’ first-of-its-kind transparent OLED technology was a big hit at ISE 2015.

The 55” prototype shown at ISE 2015 uses OLED technology to improve the transparency of see-through displays. OLED displays are self-emitting, eliminating the need for a backlight or enclosure.

Transparent displays allow users to view what is shown on a glass video screen while still being able to see through it, enabling them, for example, to overlay digital images onto real objects that sit behind the glass. Planar anticipates adding transparent OLED technology as a product offering in early 2016, paving the way to broad market adoption.

Transparent OLED is ideal for a broad range of applications including those in retail, museum and corporate settings. Retailers can install these displays in front of actual products to provide digital information about their merchandise, creating augmented reality experiences. Museums can use them to encourage patrons to interact with exhibits by displaying artifacts overlaid with text, images or video content designed to educate and inspire. Companies can incorporate them into their lobby, cafeteria and conference rooms as a dynamic way to present information to employees and customers while maintaining an interior design aesthetic of modern transparency.

Planar’s transparent OLED will allow designers to activate glass surfaces that are incorporated into these spaces, like interior windows, room dividers and partitions.

Transparent OLED offers brilliant picture quality, exceptional contrast and wide viewing angles. Because the OLEDs themselves emit light, viewing angles are very broad and color performance is exceptional, leading to vivid, eye-catching installations. Moreover, because only those pixels that display content are turned on, a transparent OLED showing video will exhibit better contrast and energy efficiency than traditional displays.

Planar introduced its first transparent display in 1999.

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