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Laser Projectors for Euskalduna Conference Centre

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Sony VPL-FHZ65 3LCD laser projectors cuts maintenance and drives down operating costs at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in the heart of Bilbao.

Created by architects Federico Soriano and Dolores Palacios, Bilbao’s audaciously-styled Euskalduna Conference Centre pays homage to the busy port’s former steelmaking and shipbuilding heritage.

Resembling a ship under construction, the centre opened in 1999 and occupies an area of 58,200 m2. A focal point for economic, social and cultural activities, it has hosted more than 400 conferences and meetings in 2015, eight of which involved more than 1000 attendees.

In common with any large public venue, simplified operations and reduced costs are priorities at Euskalduna. To reduce maintenance overheads, Euskalduna Conference Centre’s AV media managers decided to standardise their “pool” of projectors on a single model.

To meet the centre’s needs, system integrator Faston Audiovisuales specified Sony’s VPL-FHZ65 3LCD installation projector.

Sony VPL-FHZ65

Winner of a 2016 iF Design Award, the projector uses Sony’s own Z-Phosphor laser technology as its light source.

As well as delivering WUXGA images with 6000 lumens brightness, the energy-efficient laser source has a rated lifetime of up to 20,000 hours with effectively no maintenance.

Eliminating the need for frequent lamp swaps, switching to laser has immediately removed a major source of maintenance overheads for the centre’s AV staff.

Coupled with the projector’s wide range of energy-saving features, total lifetime operating costs are significantly lower than conventional lamp-based projectors.

An extra benefit for the centre is quick start-up. Unlike traditional lamp-based projectors that need a lengthy warm-up before displaying an image, the laser light source in the VPL-FHZ65 is ready to start presentations within seconds of switching on.

What’s more, laser puts fewer constraints on the installation angle. This allows the projectors to be positioned freely in any position, without compromising picture quality or reliable operation.

The projectors have been installed in meeting and conference rooms that Euskalduna rents out for different events..

The centre estimates the laser light source in its new fleet of VPL-FHZ65 projectors will only require replacement after around 10 years of normal operation.

"With the laser technology you can see higher resolution and greater brightness than with our previous lamp-based projectors” says Gaizka Ibarluzea, Head of AV at the Euskalduna Conference Centre. “We are hoping for energy savings, a longer lifespan and greater reliability during the equipment's lifetime.”

Go Euskalduna Conference Centre Goes from Lamp to Laser with Sony