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Vision’s Active Active Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

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Vision CS-1800P

Shipping from September, Vision’s CS-1800P ceiling loudspeakers feature an integrated 2 x 30w (RMS) amp.

The CS-1800P pair is based on Vision’s passive ceiling loudspeakers but has a powerful 60 watt amplifier built in to eliminate the need for an external amplifier.

Vision designed these for meeting rooms and classrooms where a discrete audio solution is required.

The “new look” product (replaces the CS-1600P units) comes as a master/slave pair and has magnetic bezel-less grilles. The amplifier is housed in the “master” loudspeaker which has the connection panel, and there is a speaker output which connects to the passive “slave” loudspeaker.

They have two line-level inputs and a Bluetooth input, and can be controlled with the included remote control or with RS-232.

The IR remote offers tone adjustment and the ability to disable auto-standby. Bluetooth can have priority so that it auto-switches when a device is paired, and the Bluetooth name of the device can now be customised.

When power is connected the CS-1800P automatically turns on and remembers the previous input and volume setting. Restoring power brings the loudspeakers back to life automatically.

The new speakers have an improved pass-through system to allow daisy-chaining.

Sells for SSP: GBP 290 / EUR 349 / AUD 390.

Go Vision’s New CS-1800P Ceiling Speakers