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Where's Microsoft Headed?

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Microsoft Windows

We happen to have the Roadmaps you should see (click to open):

The Microsoft Roadmap for Meetings

The Microsoft Roadmap for Messaging

Microsoft is already looking toward what’s next. This is a different topic than Meetings and Messaging, but it’s about Microsoft browser tech that could affect all of us.

The company is testing browser features that could fundamentally shape how you use web browsers.

Called Sets, it’s a significant re-tooling of how web browsers and apps operate in Windows 10.

Rather manage a set of browser windows filled with tabs for a particular task, Microsoft builds those tabs directly into apps.

Let’s say you’re writing up a Word doc and you need to research topics online to add into it… You’ll be able to open Edge inside the app with a new tab thanks to Sets.

You’ll also be able to pull up file windows so you truly won’t have to venture too far from the task at hand.

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