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Dream Hotel Group Test Drives Alexa

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The Time Nycak

Amazon told you Alexa would jump from consumers to business.

For one example, Dream Hotel Group began beta testing Amazon’s voice service Alexa, along with its partner Volara, at The Time Nyack, one of the company’s upscale hotels.

Beta testing with Amazon Alexa will run through the end of the year when Christian Cooper, VP IT at Dream Hotel Group and his team will then decide whether to implement the technologies across all Dream Hotel Group properties, including those under the Dream Hotels, Time Hotels, The Chatwal and Unscripted Hotels flags.

In the meantime, Cooper watches closely Google Home’s advancements in the voice technology segment, as well as those of Apple.

He thinks although all three technologies are on par in terms of capital and talent, there are noticeable differences in their voice technologies. Amazon was first to market with Amazon Echo, which is geared to ecommerce and the Amazon ecosystem, while Google Home has integrated its search engine capabilities into its platform.

He said, “No one is sure where Apple will fall in. The main concern with voice automation is privacy, and Apple’s core model has always been based around protecting users’ privacy.”

Cooper acknowledges Alexa was designed primarily for residential use, so part of the beta testing phase is to evaluate how the technology is most applicable to hotel guests and how securely it can be deployed within the commercial environment of hospitality.

In Nyack, Alexa has proven practical as a virtual butler service as hotel guests use the device principally to make service requests; be it to ask for additional towels, a wakeup call or even order room service.

Delivering a heightened and more efficient guest experience is precisely why the company chose to test Alexa, which is also a boon for TripAdvisor reviews.

Cooper recently noticed guests are specifically and positively calling out the technology in their reviews of the hotel.

Looking to the future, Dream Hotel Group plans to integrate Alexa with other technologies like in-room automations that control guest room lighting, blinds and even HVAC functions..

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